3rd Wave AI supports; contextual adaptation, explanation of results, natural language understanding, incremental learning from experience, works with low volume data, learns and reponds in real time, predictive and prescriptive analytics; all with minimal supervision.

Natural language understanding (NLU) applies both world and domain knowledge along with natural language syntax and grammar to capture the various interpretations of what is happening within and across a corpus of documents. NLU is concerned with identifying how concepts and things are related to each other in time.

The Next Generation Technology

Autonomous, Training, Reasoning, Explaining, Changing Contexts, Changing Situations, New Situations, New Results, Missing Data, Wrong Data, Real-Time Learning, Real-Time Predictions and Real-Time Prescriptions; Reading, Understanding, Learning and Applying Natural Language Texts.


Non-Statistical AI

Computer technology has advanced to the point where real-time simultaneous recording and processing of multiple complex experiences is possible. To meet the needs of our dynamically changing world, statistical averaging of experience is no longer sufficient to adequately predict or prescribe what will happen next. Statistical methods most often fail when each new situation presents facts that are in some way unique. This is the real world. This is the world of natural language understanding. This is the world of 3rd Wave AI.